Frequently Asked Questions

Online Website Development Questions

How long does it take to complete the design and development of a website?

The majority of website design and development projects we take on are setup so that you, the client, are writing the content. Content is often referred to as copy. The timeline of a website design project is often reflected in the amount of time it takes for the content to be written. Please let us know at the time of booking whether you have any timelines you wish to meet and ThinkTANK will make every effort to meet or exceed these expectations (upon sign-off we provide a timeline and process chart to show you all the steps to building your website). If you anticipate that writing copy within the time alloted will not be possible, we can discuss assigning a copy writer at an additional charge. We find that projects typically take from the 6-8 weeks.

Are there hidden costs to development and design my website?

No… We disclose any and all requirements for your website development and price the project accordingly. Once you have signed off on your website development project, we will adhere to the scope of work mutually agreed upon. If you make requests outside the original scope, we will provide estimates for the additional work and arrange to address the request once the original scope is completed. Web design is an evolving process. Often clients realize new possibilities while the project is underway. If there are changes/additions made by you the client they must be agreed upon in writing.

How should we provide the content for my new website?

Providing ThinkTANK with website content is quite easy. Providing written content in a "Word" document is great. Any pictures must be in an electronic format. It is best to email us any and all content for your website.

What do you mean by "mobile-ready" or the new buzzword "responsive web design"?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at building websites to provide an optimized viewing experience. This means easy reading and navigation of any given page with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices from mobile phones and tablets to laptops and desktop computer monitors.

Each website that ThinkTANK builds is customized to each individual client’s needs using the best practices of responsive web design.

Will my new website be search engine friendly?

ThinkTANK takes the utmost care to build and design any and all web development projects taking (SEO) Search Engine Optimization best practice into consideration. Generally speaking, web development and design does not include SEO or SEM work. Ask your account manager for more information. Due to our planning and strategizing, we find our developments organically rank higher because we take proper consideration of SEO best practices during development.

Do you set up and manage e-mails and web settings?

Yes, ThinkTANK will. If you wish to set up and manage your own e-mails and web settings let us know and arrangements can be made.

What about web hosting services?

ThinkTANK provides web hosting services to our clients. ThinkTANK will provide services setting up and maintaining the website, and assist in setting up e-mail services and other online services associated with web hosting.

What is a template site?

A template site is a website made with a pre-existing layout that is general enough to serve a wide variety of uses. The problem with template sites is that they are all very similar in design, meaning that they do not stand out. Template sites also require you to work within a limited range of options. ThinkTANK will be able to work with you to design a website that stands out from your competitors and meets your company’s needs.

How easy will it be for me to update my new website?

ThinkTANK builds all websites using a Content Management Systems (CMS) called Umbraco. Umbraco is easy to use and provides you with the ability to edit text, add images, post documents, add new pages, and remove old pages that are no longer needed. After your new site is launched, we will provide training so that you are fully prepared to manage the site on your own. If you have any questions or concerns about how to use your site, ThinkTANK is available to assist you.

If I need my website updated can you help me?

Yes. ThinkTANK is more than happy to work with you to update your pre-existing website or maintain the new website we develop for you. We will accomodate your needs for assistance and be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want.

Marketing Questions

What is a Marketing and Advertising Agency?

Advertising Agencies, Marketing Firms, or Communication Firms provide a variety of services that spill over into each other. Each of these types of firms offers, to varying degrees, the following: 

-Insight, strategy, planning, and buying skills with a mix of brand knowledge

-Creative services, as well as insights into building and designing creative materials such as TV, Print and Outdoor advertisements. Some agencies also offer digital marketing services. 

What can an agency specifically do for me?

An agency can provide a fresh, outside perspective on how to market your business. They have the industry knowledge to determine the best opportunities for your business and how to take advantage of them. An agency has the resources to build you an effective marketing strategy that is both time and cost efficient. 

What benefits are there of working with Agencies?

An agency is a group of marketing, advertising, and creative experts. When you work with an agency you get ideas and insights from an entire team, not just one person. They can construct a well-rounded marketing strategy that will best promote your business. Additionally, an agency can be used on an as-needed basis, making them as permanent or as temporary of a service as you would like. They can work with your marketing department to achieve results or, in some cases, even be used in place of a marketing department. 

Can I not do all this type of work myself?

While you could take on this task, this kind of work is an agency’s field of expertise. An agency takes care of developing and implementing marketing strategy for you so that you have more time to focus on the other aspects of running your business.

How do businesses determine a budget?

After determining what goal they wish to accomplish, businesses then examine the steps required to meet this goal. A business can then assign a cost associated with each of these steps and then add up the total cost to determine the budget required to meet their goal. A business may also use a previous marketing budget or a percent-of-sales strategy to decide on a starting point for their current marketing budget.

How do you charge for your services?

After meeting with ThinkTANK’s team, we will provide you with a proposal for a marketing strategy. The proposal will outline all suggested services and the cost associated with each. Costs will vary according to the different services that you require. You will only be charged for the services that you sign off on. We will inform you if the price of any of these services changes. If you have any further questions about how you will be charged, do not hesitate to ask us.

Where do I start?

Contact ThinkTANK to discuss the goals and needs of your business. We will work with you to develop an effective marketing strategy to meet these goals.


Leasing Land Outdoor Advertising Questions

Does ThinkTANK rent space for billboards?

Yes we do we look at month-month, yearly, and 5 year leases to place outdoor advertising on your land.

What type of property is acceptable?

It really varies depending on the type of advertising, though it could include a vacant lot, a stall in a visible parking lot, a drive isle on your property, etc. The key is visibility to other motorists.

What type of sign will you park on our property?

This varies depending on the property, but it would likely be a 5' x 10' portable sign, one of our 10' x 18' mobile trailer signs, or one of our 12' x 12' or 10' x 18' mobile Advans. On occasion, we do have requests for larger truck or trailer advertisments. In any event, we will agree in advance as to what will be located on your site.

Will the advertising conflict with my business?

No, we will agree in advance as to how exactly the sign will be located. We will not advertise on your property for a competing business, nor will we obstruct your signage, access, and the like.

How much do we get?

Again, this depends on what type of sign, location, and duration of agreement. While not essential, we do pay extra for power to light some of the signs. Finally, we are also amenable to trade parking for free advertising.

If we are a large company, does it make any sense?

Some of our customers have opted for free advertising or used the funds for general revenues, while others have put the proceeds in their employee social program, funded a scholarship, or otherwise donated it to charity. It's all up to you!

Do we need to provide anything?

No, just your permission and then deposit the cheques. We will require your signature on a landlord permission letter.

Further questions about renting your land for our advertisements?

Do you have questions or would you like us to take a look at your property to see if we may come to a mutually beneficial arrangement? Please phone or email us.

Why would I use an Mobile billboard over a stationary billboard?

It take around 3 – 5 commutes to garner an impression or retain an impression, so we move the units to give you “fresh” eyes every distribution cycle. 

The mobile billboards can be used to deploy at civic events, parades and other functions such as recruitment shows. Mobile billboards can garner impression during the week and be used on week ends with engagement teams to stretch your investment.

Billboard Production Materials

What type of material do use for your various mediums?

We use 13-ounce vinyl that lasts upwards of 3 years of use.

What type of sizes do you have in billboards?

We have varying sizes and specs for billboards from our 12' x 12' and 10' x 18' AdVans to traditional 10' x 20' static billboards, to large digital superboards that are 14' x 48'. 

Street Teams/Engagement Campaign Questions

Why should I use a street team or brand ambassador team?

Engagement teams are effective in; time targeting, demographic targeting, and geographical targeting. Our highly trained staff can engage your ideal customer (being briefed on your target audience, business goals and marketing objectives) giving you a true brand ambassador who will sell and hand out promotional products directly to hard to reach audiences.