Being Online Is Not Optional

Have a website but lost as to what to do?

Your audience is online. Are you? Do you have control of your web site? a plan who is looking you up and what they are like? what are there specific wants or needs? How do they interact with your website and is there alikelyhood that they are even my ideal audinece?

We need to talk, because it's not enough to just have a web site anymore.

Our approach to Website design and development's approach is about the ideal audibce and what does success look like? do you want them to download information, buy a widget from you or fill out a lead form. we find this inforamtion out and awho your audience is and align what they want and need with what you are offering. 

Mobile is everything.

Everywhere you go, you'll find people holding a smartphone or tablet—in the grocery store, in line at the coffee shop, at the bank, walking down the street. There’ s no doubt that mobile devices are an important component of the average Canadian’s life. It’s how we decide what we are doing tonight, where we are going on vacation, what gifts we are giving for special events and the list goes on. Google shares some important insights on searches in general and specifically mobile-based searches. Use this information and our stratgey design and implemetation to ensure you are engaging your audince with alikelyhood of converting them.

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Being Online, Only The Start

Now you have a website how do we get them to come?

Your potential clients are online. They are researching what product or service meets their needs whether it is a personal, business, or a corporate need. Their search may be related to a not-for-profit, NGO or charity. The big question is, how are you representing your organization? How is your brand being perceived? Are interested individuals and organizations able to find your web site through Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Ask? If they are able to find you, are they able to find what they need on your web site? Have you optimized your content based on your intended reach? Does the page display your content properly on mobile and tablet devices? You may have a lot of questions. We can provide you with a lot of answers.   

The mit to catch the ball.

So we have a website check, now we are doing online marketing to drive people to the site check, now the fun begins. Monthly digiotal marketing is about the marathon, learn jfrom the data and optimize the campaign and alos optimize the webiste to ensure that you are cathing and converting more and more of the ideal audince, the great part is its all data drivena and logical. 

ThinkTANK offers a variety of Digital Marketing options ask for a free consultation today.

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