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Digital Billboards or Digital Outdoor Advertising are electronic message centres that are computer-controlled displays with technology-based capabilities*

We have the capability to reach over 437,300 commuters a day, or over 12,244,400 in a four week flight. The possibilities become endless from a design and activation standpoint and offer unique value propositions. Unique features of a Digital Out of Home Billboard Campaign:

Advertising Flexibility to the max!
Ads can be dynamic and changed every minute meaning you can offer a variety of creative and offerings on one campaign (unlike Static Billboard that usually have one creative on for at least 4 weeks)

Reach your hungry audience when its most relevant
*Time partition your advertising meaning sell breakfast bagels till 10AM then change to the lunch special and for dinner at 4 pm try a full supper entre all for the same advertising budget of one advert.

Only the best and highest traffic counts!
Due to the significant investment the billboard artery high traffic locations ensuring you get the best possible exposure.

Augment your dynamic Billboard campaign
*Change and display your ads daily weekly monthly on the hour all within seconds and avoid costly print and production costs.


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Coventry Digitalbillboard
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Foodbank Digitalbillboard
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Selecting Digital Billboards or LED Messages Centres for your Outdoor Advertising campaign addresses your audience's habit of flipping the channel, turning the page or closing pop-up ad. Digital Billboards allow you to successfully capture your target market's attention on their daily commute.

Total Reach

Digital Billboards provide broad coverage and targeted market reach. We can place your campaign in the appropriate locations, exposing to everyone who goes outside of the home to work, school, shop or play.

High Frequency

The continuous presence of Digital Billboards produces frequency levels unmatched by many other mediums.

Target Potential

Not only can you reach mass audiences with Outdoor Advertising, but it also allows for targeting specific communities, groups, ages, income levels, and more.

Constant Exposure

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, billboards generate repeated exposure, delivering your message over and over again.


Outdoor Advertising can be situated in locations reaching everyone coming into or leaving your specific market area. You can pinpoint your prime target areas exactly!

Low Cost Per Thousand

The lowest cost-per-thousand of any media, Outdoor Advertising is unsurpassed in its ability to supply long-lasting impressions, coverage, reach and frequency.

ThinkTANK's Take

When it comes to growing your business, there is nothing more effective than outdoor advertising and when it comes to effective outdoor advertising, it helps to have the right mix of distribution.

ThinkTANK specializes in outdoor/out of home advertising.

The typical Outdoor industry is like many others. The best customer service, rates and locations often go to the companies with the greatest buying power, which typically describes big businesses or those that have the funds to hire large advertising agencies. As a result, small to midsize companies can sometimes wind up paying more and getting less, until now, courtesy of ThinkTANK.

ThinkTANK helps small to midsize businesses tap into the benefits of large campaigns on a conservative budget. We use formats such as static billboards and mobile billboards with select locations to maximize targeting the Edmonton Market.

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