Trailer Billboards

Trailer Outdoor

Trailer Billboards are a great way to get your message to thousands of people everyday. Similar in scope to Super Billboards, Trailer Boards are 20 x 10 Billboards that simply get noticed. They’re also mobile, and offer you the option of moving the trailer every three to six months to refresh your messaging.

We’ve found that Trailer Billboards often garner 3 to 5 views over a longer period of time, that makes this medium the perfect vehicle for advertising your brand. Like semi-trailers themselves, these billboards are built for the long haul—offering you’re a captive audience for months out of the year.

Portable Signs
Redwater Dodge Get It To Work Trailer Billboard
Redwater Dodge Jack It Up Trailer Billboard
Debbi Kuleski Pack Your Bags Hwy 16A
Debbi Kuleski Trailer Billboard Hwy 16A
Lawnmower Hospital Easy To Tidy Fun To Ridey Trailer Billboard
Granville Days Trailer Billboard Closeup

Competitive Advantages

Our trailer billboards have three main competitive advantages:

In general the brain takes 3-4 views to make an impression, thus after a week the repeated presentation of the billboard message is of less value. Unlike static billboards, our Trailer Billboards can be moved every 3 to 6 months reaching thousands of extra rural impressions a campaign.

We can reach 3 times more customers than a static billboard with our trailer billboards due to distribution, two different designs (one for each side) and flipping the placement around.

Our tailer billboard vinyl panels are reusable and eco friendly, and clients can run multiple campaigns using the same board, saving them time and money.

400 Sq Ft of Effective Advertising

  • Each Trailer Billboard face measures 10' x 20', totalling 200 square feet per side, giving you 400 sq ft of effective advertising.

High-Resolution Digital Print

  • Featuring high resolution digital graphics on a single sheet of highly durable flex face vinyl (which resists fading and lasts approximately 2 years).

Reusable and Interchangeable

  • Need to make banner text or print changes? If so, additional stickers (snipes), chloroplast and other mediums can be simply applied or removed without replacing the entire banner.

Optional Drive Time and Features

  • You can host promotions with your giant Mobile Billboard (ie. a highly visible base for your mascot, handouts, giveaways, promotional products, segway patrol and more) for a nominal fee.
  • Want to be even more effective? Ask about our optional drive time packages. (See the Distribution Slide for more information).

Locations and Distribution

Trailer billboards are larger and lower priced than our Mobile AdVan billboards, although they are more suited to fixed locations for longer periods.

As is the case with broad static billboard campaigns, you don't have to pay for hard-to-see locations in alleyways, behind trees, screened by series of poles and lines, or otherwise obscured. We place our Trailer Billboards only where commuters have a long site line and will see your unobstructed ad.

In addition to regular advertising customers, these larger units are ideally suited for real estate, land development and construction sites as they can be moved around the site as needed to make way for construction. Changing the location on site helps catch the public's eye over and over again.

We can geo target specific areas based on clients needs as well as target specific events and locations and even appropriate demographics.