A Child’s Insight into Effective Advertising

Friday September 26, 2014

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Earlier this year, in April to be exact, I was watching TV with my young son and an advert for Nissan came on.

This advert, although a little juvenile and cartoony, really hit on what makes a great ad. It identifies a problem, in this case the eternal problem of slippery discarded banana peels (something 7-year olds are apparently very concerned about). This character has had several experiences slipping on banana peels and being publicly embarrassed. Oh my!! So when he purchased the Nissan whatever-it-was, he felt confident that the whatever technology in this particular vehicle could safely navigate him slip-free across the spilled truck of bananas.

Any good advert should, identify a relatable problem (relatable is where the this advert fails, in fact it almost falls into infomercial problem territory) and show how your product (or service) can solve the stated problem.

While I’m sure the hyperbolic statements of the slippery nature of banana peels was done intentionally, it was lost on their target audience, a-peel-ing (lol) instead to the demographic much too young drive never mind influence the decision to buy a car.

My son however remains unconvinced of our new vehicle's ability to safely traverse a dangerous banana spill.