Responsive Web Design - Adaptive Visual Technology

Tuesday March 31, 2015

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As business continues to grow and thrive online, having a modern, up-to-date website is more important than ever. Many people turn to the Internet to research a company before doing business with them. It is your website, not your storefront or office, that is the all-important first impression. An out-dated website suggests that the company itself is out-dated. If this is your business, you might be losing potential customers before they even get past your homepage. In order to stay relevant, your website needs to be current.

Most of your potential customers are probably looking at your website on something other than a desktop computer. We live in an on-the-go culture; this means that we take the Internet with us everywhere. Our primary “computer” is a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone or any combination of the three.  If we can’t easily view a website on those devices, it’s essentially useless to us. It’s not enough for a website to just look good on a full-sized screen.

 Responsive web design addresses this issue. A responsive website is one that adapts to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on. This means that you won’t end up with a screen full of miniscule text when trying to pull up a website on your smartphone. Whether its viewed on a smartphone or a big screen TV, your website will look its best. 

When it comes to technology, people often view changes as costly and time consuming. The reality is that when it comes to your website, change is necessary. The future business gained by modernizing your website will easily justify putting in some time, money and love right now.