Digital Marketing Is Marketing

Monday October 19, 2015

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Marketing Online is Marketing

I sat astounded the other day, It was an early morning and I happened to be spending breakfast with my childhood friend. He had offered to let me stay over in his humble abode while I had business in Calgary. What shocked me wasn’t so much that he was sipping coffee and sitting at his kitchen table like thousands of other Calgarians. It was that he was flipping through the Calgary Herald and enjoying his 15 minutes of solitude before he headed out to work.
As a marketer, and someone who offers a variety of solutions in connecting with consumers, I realized how far a large portion of society had travelled away from this not so distant tradition of the morning paper ritual.

In my home at any given time there are 2-3 little people (my children of varying ages) who you might only notice by the flickering of a mobile device, have become accustomed to instant access to varrying information or entertainment. The tablet, phablet, phone or mobile device has become such a norm in the average North American’s life that I realized at that moment how far removed we have become from some traditional medias as Newsprint, magazines and the latest book that would look good on the nightstand.

This shock really lent itself to the fact that I enjoy reading and I have migrated to devices that readily offer instant content and can be crafted and contrived specifically to me and filter a lot of what I might normally garner attention upon. Without a second thought I had given up a pleasure for progress.

I realized my late 30 something friend is really not the norm in our society today. With satellite radio, PVR systems and instant mobile access to local, national, and international content at the touch of a finger, it is ever more difficult for these forms of marketing to reach the 18 - 40 year olds.

I have spent the better part of 10 years in online marketing and really realized at that point that “Digital Marketing” really is “Marketing”. The days of ignoring this fact are over. If left unaddressed, this reality can ultimately lead your business going like the rotary phone.