2016 Holiday Advertisements

Monday December 5, 2016

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The Holiday season is a breeding ground for new, seasonal advertisements for all of our favourite companies. It can be challenging to come up with an ad that stands out among all the holiday ad traffic, AND still follows your companies’ brand.

Here are a few ads that I think nailed Christmas this year.


Schweppes Ginger Ale

This is a billboard I have been seeing all around Edmonton the past week and every time I see it, it makes me laugh. I think it’s a successful Christmas Ad because it still evokes the classic Schweppes brand that everyone recognizes, and it also brings a “FeSCHtive” element to the table.

An ad that has potential to make people smile and laugh, especially around the Christmas Season, is good in my books!

Screen Shot 2016 12 05 At 92953 AM


The advertisement created for Burberry this year is so successful because of the movie trailer style of their promotional video. This ad is created to look like a movie trailer; but it is really just an advertisement for the brand.

The “trailer” shows how Burberry began, while giving you sneak peaks into Thomas Burberry’s life. All while featuring the clothing and style that has made Burberry so successful. While it may not be focused directly at the Holidays, the ad has created a trailer for a movie I would definitely be interested in watching over my Christmas Holidays.

Take a look at the video below. You may catch yourself watching it more than once. I know I have!

Heathrow Airport 

You may have seen this ad floating around Facebook, and upon watching it you may have had the sudden urge to travel to London. I don’t think you’d be the only one!

I think this ad would pull at anyone’s heartstrings. The advertisement for Heathrow Airport is so relatable because everyone knows the feeling of traveling to loved ones during the holidays, or eagerly waiting for your loved ones to arrive.

This ad truly evokes what Christmas is about; being with family.