Infinite Sales Website Launch

Monday February 8, 2016

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What is Infinite Sales?

Infinite Sales in and online sales training program focusing on ones sale process, and well as their long term targets and goals.

Our Goal

As a team, ThinkTANK’s goal was to create an effective sales tool for Infinite Sales to present information on the courses offered, as well as give customers a chance to sign up for the course.


The challenge to overcome with this website was presenting the course information in a way that a new, or returning, viewer would be able to navigate and clearly understand.  This was successfully accomplished by dividing the various course levels, and describing each course the viewer would be learning about within that level. By using a clean and straightforward layout, the user is able to easily navigate through the site and find all information required to make a decision and sign up for the online courses.

Whether this is your first or third time signing up for a course with Infinite Sales, all the information you need is readily available and clearly stated.

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