Architecture and Web Design

Tuesday February 9, 2016

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“the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.”

Architecture is planning and designing form, a space that uniquely will reflect the environment and social interactions that may occur within its design. It takes great practice and understanding on how a building or website can influence and attract people. There is a lot of planning, research involvement that is reflected in each piece. 

The best designs in the world are timeless. They incorporate elements that evoke the past and push toward the future. This is extremely important in architecture because buildings will be around for hundreds of years. When you look at websites the last thing you want is a dated website. With the evolution of changing technology, it is important to be current and ready for any curveball that may come your way. If you look at the past five years, everything has become mobile. This being said, a website would have to work on a computer, a tablet and on your phone.

Be Bold

What stands out more than a red on a white wall? Not much. Using bold colors makes things interesting. Architects may use bright colors for trim of a building or on an accent wall. While web designers may use them within typography or a background on the page to create visual interest.

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Content is Key

A building is always designed around what activities that would be taking place inside. You wouldn't want to have a steel manufacturing plant in your home, or be living in an office tower.

When designing a website, you are making it for a purpose. Whether it's for an online store or a blog, you have to plan the design around the content. Finding out what exactly the website needs to do determines how the website should interact with a user.