Don't Let Your Advertising Have A Bad Hair Day!

Tuesday July 12, 2016

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Worrying about a bad hair day is bad enough; let us worry about your advertising!

Shampoo, Conditioner, Anti-frizz, Volumizing, dandruff control, hair gel, hair spray ... hair care is billion dollar industry. And in a world full of choices and options, it impossible to know what is truly best for you hair. The same is true for advertising. ThinkTANK provides unbiased professional advice for your advertising; we take into consideration your marketing objectives, your budget and your audience before we ever make any specific recommendations.


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Print ShampooPrint

 Hydrating shampoo will help your print material looking fresh and hydrated.

It’s the easiest thing to do, but can still be done incorrectly. Using the wrong shampoo for your hair type; ineffectively designing a flyer. The results will be easy for anyone to notice, just like poorly made print piece will be dismissed.

We’re print pros. We consider calls to action, ideal audiences, simple messaging, these are the ABCs of effective print.




Digitalmarketing ConditionerDigital Marketing

 Use the New Age Conditioner after your hydrating shampoo to give your digital marketing a boost.

Your hair needs conditioning to enhance the virtues of your shampoo. Just like Digital Marketing should reflect and enhance the virtues of your print pieces. You wouldn't use Joico Dry Shampoo with Redken All Soft Conditioner. You wouldn't use one style for print and another for Digital Marketing. These two mediums, should work hand in hand.

We’ve handled a lot of digital marketing. We have two Google Certified staff members handling, implementing and optimizing Digital Marketing campaigns for a variety of clients including Tip Top Tux, Edmonton’s Food Bank and Homes By Avi.



Emailmarketing Prep

Email Marketing

 Use this Pre-Styling solution for prep, and give your campaign a broadcasting boost!

This is what you do to prepare to engage your audience, what you do in the mirror preparing to apply product to your hair. You're beginning to think about your interactions for the day and who you want to impress with your trendy do. Like wise, the email becomes the first impression in the engagement of your audience.





Socialmedia Stylecream
Social Media

 Get groomed with a grooming and styling cream for your social media strategy. This dream cream is for those who want to: Snap it, Like it, Tweet it, and Share it. 

Hopefully this is the minimum of what you do before heading out for a walk, holding casual conversations with multiple people one or two of whom will remember for at least the next day until they decide to invite you out for drinks or supper. Social Media works in much the same way, idle chit chat waiting for the light to change, leads to an exchange of phone numbers.




Instore HairsprayIn Store Signage

 Hold it all together with some hairspray to exhance your in-store experience. This is the final step to a long lasting look and customer experience. 

Out to dinner with friends, maybe your special someone. It’s a nice dinner. You want to look nice, but still not so fancy. Out on the town, drinks afterwards. But there are enough people around that you want to impress and be noticed by everyone.








 TV and Video Production

 Let is shine with the finishing shine spray! TV & video production creates a polished look that everyone can benefit from.

This is the final step, reserved for a really special occasion. A formal event with all your family and friends. How you look and present yourself will be remembered for a long time, if you do it right.

So, next time you are confronted with a media salesman telling you about the latest, greatest, most innovative, dynamic and engaging media, consult your stylist... er, ThinkTANK Advertising & Design.

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