Altatech Agencies Website Launch

Monday March 14, 2016

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Our ThinkTANK team is very excited to announce the launch of Altatech Agencies Ltd. website!

What is Altatech?

Altatech agencies is a manufacturer agent providing the hydronics industry with high quality plumbing and heating products, as well as services, and system technologies. Some of the things Altatech focuses on is: high efficient boiler technology, solar hot water heating, domestic hot water heating technology, and more!

Altatech strives to be a leader in their industry by being a one-stop shop providing technical product training, system commissioning, and assisting in the design built process.

What Was Our Goal?

Our goal was to highlight three distinct areas of Altatech’s business:

  1. Services offered/best suited for homeowners
  2. Services offered/best suited for contractors and engineers
  3. Training events offered by Altatech


Each of these 3 types of users would be going to the Altatech website for distinct reasons. We wanted to make sure the website was clear, and people could easily find the service they were looking for. This was achieved by clearly giving two options above the fold on the home page for the user to select either “Homeowner” or “Contractor/Engineer”. The training events coming are also clearly shown on the home page to give viewers a sneak peak into what types of training Altatech offers.

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