Google Adwords Advertising

Tuesday March 29, 2016

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Online advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising, and Google Adwords is leading the charge.

Google Adwords is divided into two different networks:  the Search Network and the Display Network.  Each network provides advertisers with a different set of benefits to promote their campaign. An advertiser can choose to use just one or both networks depending on their campaign goals. 

Search Network

The Search Network refers to the ads that appear on the search engine results page. These ads are text ads and appear when a relevant service or product is searched.  These ads only appear in the search engine results. The Search Network is great for targeting customers who are actively searching for your product or service right now.

Display Network

The Display Network is slightly more complicated. In addition to Gmail and YouTube ads, the Display Network also applies to Google Partner websites where an ad may appear.  Unlike ads on the Search Network, these ads appear on websites and in mobile apps. Additionally, display ads can appear in several different formats including text, image, and video.  The Display Network is an excellent option for promoting brand awareness., as ads will appear on sites that are relevant to the topics or keywords selected by the advertiser.

Budget & Audience

With Adwords, an advertiser can choose how much money they want to spend on their campaign. When the budget runs out, the ads not run on the Adwords networks until the budget is reset the next day. Typically, the advertiser is not charged unless someone actually clicks on their ad, though there are several other bid options depending on an advertisers campaign goals.

In order to spend a budget more effectively, Adwords allows advertisers to select whom they want to show their ads to.  This includes selecting a geographical target, days and times you would like the ad to run, relevant keywords and even more specific details such as age ranges and genders. 

Adwords advertising is a dynamic advertising option that is effective for a wide variety of different advertisers. Contact us, and find out how Adwords can help your business meet its advertising goals today.