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Thursday January 19, 2017

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We are very excited to announce that the new AFP website has been launched!

Founded in 1996, the Edmonton and Area Chapter of AFP is a member of the worldwide Association of Fundraising Professionals. Their vision is to make sure fundraising is recognized as a credible and respected profession for the betterment of our communities.


Philanthropy: The belief that ethical and effective fundraising are the cornerstones of philanthropy and that philanthropy changes the world.

Community: Embracing diversity in the fundraising community with a commitment to understanding and addressing the shared and unique needs of all members of the community.

Collaboration: Recognizing that we can only accomplish our purpose with the strong support and partnership of other individuals, AFP chapters, and groups who share our vision.

Knowledge: Providing the fundraising community with the highest quality of knowledge, research, advocacy, career support, new information, strategic alliances, and related insights and tools to ensure a successful.

Professionalism: Conducting business according to the highest ethical principles and servicing as trustworthy stewards of our resources.

Relationships: Understanding that our focus is on service to our members, stakeholders, and customers, and that our service is open to new ideals, exceeding expectations, and provided in a timely and thoughtful manner.

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