We make your design and product look good!

When it comes to printing we can do most anything. From design, to finished art, to final printing of the product, we take care of unfinished business.

Here’s just a few of the things we do:

  • Select and negotiate with vendors to agree on best piece, quality and due date
  • Track and control costs, especially when it comes to alterations
  • Create and manage print production schedules
  • Review the project at internal and print proof stages
  • Examine finished samples and approve quality before delivery
  • Review, negotiate and approval final invoices for payment
  • Suggest alternate ways to get similar results
  • Stay abreast of new or improved technologies that can benefit projects
  • Anticipate pitfalls and steer the project around them
  • Troubleshoot and problem-solve on the fly
  • Seemingly work miracles with vendors
  • Have a passion for the craft of fine printing, fit and finish
Finning Recruitment Folder
Finning Recruitment Folder Inner Jacket
Goauto Freshin Your Ride Close Up
Goauto Coffee Campaign
Superflea Market Brochure
Nigro Manucci Stationery Business Cards Branding Guidelines
Nigro Manucci Business Cards Tent
Nigro Manucci Business Cards
Thinktank Recruitment Marketing Brochure
Pure Canadian Gaming Business Card Front
Pure Canadian Gaming Business Card Back
Pure Canadian Gaming Flying Business Cards
Pure Canadian Gaming Rebranding Brochure
Pure Canadian Gaming Rebranding Brochure Fan
Tony Caterina Tri Fold Flyer
Tony Caterina Tri Fold Flyer Collage
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