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New ideas can change your business, a powerful idea can change the world.

When image is important and gaining a competitive advantage means setting yourself apart; you can’t afford a bad first impression.

ThinkTANK Advertising & Design presents you with unique opportunities to generate excitement by offering:

  • New product launches
  • Event coordination and management
  • Engagement Teams and brand ambassadors
  • Strategy and implementation 
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Full integration with your online presence 

We make sure we maximize your theme to apply to every touch point, including social media, website, direct mail, signage, traditional and non-traditional advertising.

We have a passion for customer service, people and their business.

Looking For more information on Engagement Teams?

Whether you call them street teams, or brand ambassadors or brand models it doesn't matter. We call them engagement teams because the difference is we educate our team members to do what they are hired for Engage the Ideal Audience. A proper strategy and set out plan and scope is the first step. Why flyer a whole bunch of people that are likely not your audience? why direct mail a whole area, when you can have our team of experts profile the ideal audience. Why not filter out the less likely people you dont want to reach and hand out promotional or engagemengt pieces to the right people with an elevator pitch message both verbally and in hand. Then we measure what ahhppened make chnages for future campaigns and provide valuable reporting, what happened how many pieces were delivered? what was the weather like? what was the feedback from the ideal audience? all valuab;le information to refine your targeted campaign.

With the ability to time target, demographic profile target, and geographically select locations this is the most effective way to reach!

What makes us unique?

Its our hands on approach, attention to detail, delivery and our ability to meet tight deadlines in a realistic and professional manner to ensure you earn a good return on your investment.

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