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So you have a great website, a strategy to drive targeted traffic to your site, the means to capture leads, and you’re generating sales. You’ve put in plenty of hard work, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. You’ve invested heavily in driving leads and converting them into sales.  Where do you go from here?

This is where Digital Marketing Automation comes into play. Get the most out of you leads by placing them into a sales funnel, complete with a series of touch points to ensure that you continue engaging them over a set period of time. The best part is that this will happen automatically, helping your sales team to nurture leads and encourage transactions.

This takes your Digital Marketing Strategy to the next level, changing the focus from lead acquisition to lead retention. Marketing Automation allows you to easily continue the conversation with people who have actively expressed interest in your products and services. This is similar to Remarketing through Google AdWords, creating a soft touch experience for an ideal client who is interested but has not yet made the conversion. 

AnalyticsOur Monthly Digital Marketing Automation packages includes:

  • Profiling ideal audiences
  • Defining success for your business
  • Initial strategy development, setting up and mapping out touch points (designing landing pages and email templates, mapping time lines etc.)
  • Monthly work and reporting including:
    • Results
    • Opportunities
    • Adjusting adverts based on conversion and user interaction
    • Email marketing


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Email Marketing 

Email marketing is integral to Digital Marketing Automation. Creating a sequence of engagement points is difficult without it. 

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