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Website SEO Audits

There is a tonne of data coming into your website on a daily basis. There is an even larger amount of data from Google Trends and Google Insights to help you discover what is happening not just around your industry, but also on the Internet in general. Why not use it to your advantage? ThinkTANK’s team of Digital Marketing Specialists is able to evaluate and analyze the data from your website to find out how potential visitors are interacting with your site. From this real-time data, we can make changes and recommendations that will help grow your business and increase leads and sales.

Google Analytics Reporting

It’s one thing to lead a horse to water, but it’s another thing to try and get them to drink! This is a more common problem than you might think. The ongoing digital marketing campaign is driving a significant amount of traffic to the website, but for whatever reason that traffic does not seem to convert. Using incoming data from Google Analytics we are able to see how visitors are interacting with your site. This live data combined with your marketing goals and objectives provides us with insight into changes that need to be made in order to see success. Simple changes such as moving a button or changing the page layout can make all the difference, and this can all be tracked through Analytics.

Google Analyticsvector

ThinkTANK believes that a website should not be static. Your website is a dynamic sales tool that should grow and evolve with your business as your needs and objectives change. Google Analytics allows our Digital Marketing Specialists and Web Programmers to work together to provide you with a website that caters to your marketing objectives and business goals.

Google Analytics allows us to see real-time data about how users are interacting with different pages, links and forms on your websites. It also allows to see if and when people are abandoning your website. All of this information allows our team to make changes and recommendations on how to best utilize your website.


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