Research and Strategy

Research, Analytics and Strategy: It Starts Here

ThinkTANK’s approach to web design development is centred on meeting the goals of the ideal audience. Designers make websites pretty, programmers make things work, and SEO or copywriters create massive amounts of content that the average person is not willing to invest time into reading.


We clear all of those elements away and start from square one: who is your ideal audience and how do you define success? Once that is determined, we can begin to build a website based on drawing in your target audience and meeting your goals. We conduct research and create a well thought-out strategy to build a thoughtful, well-planned website that will not only meet your needs but exceed them.

ThinkTANK utilizes various tools and strategies such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, speed testing, and SEO auditing to conduct research, gather information, and provide clients with reporting based on current real-time data. We leverage the data that we already have access to in order to help turn your website into a dynamic, evolving marketing and sales tool. 

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