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Join The Big Leagues

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ThinkTANK has done many projects for Finning going back to 2010. These project include Digital Billboards, Mobile AdVans, the introduction of our Mammoth (an industrial tow truck converted to mobile AdVan), presentation folder design and tradeshow display graphics. 

Finning was essentially the catalyst that created the ThinkTANK Agency. Because they liked the work we had done to that point so much, they decided to send more work our way.

It began with creating a unique call to action “Join The Big Leagues” whose purpose was three-fold: a unique HR call for prospective employees, a play on the size of billboard and, an internal self-congratulation that ThinkTANK had landed a large client.

The “Join The Big Leagues” featured large hero image of a heavy equipment operator standing in front of a large piece of equipment, while the key message “Join The Big Leagues” and Finning logo placed prominently to the left.

Finning Truck

The Mammoth, shown here was commissioned specifically for this client who had wanted a large mobile billboard that could not only be placed on public road but also brought to internal and external HR events to recruit new employees.

It was modified from a flat deck tow truck, and adapted a to carry a billboard that was 10 ft tall by 22 ft wide. The framework behind the billboard was made of steel and was welded in our shop over the course of about 2 to 3 weeks, the frame was then lifted and winched into place on the flat deck.  It was rolled out on to the streets of Edmonton on January 20, 2012.

When the Mammoth was first commissioned, ThinkTANK knew that this vehicle would get noticed. It was placed prominently in high traffic locations, and garnered an average of 27,527 daily impressions, resulting in record traffic of incoming resumes to Finning HO over the course of the 18 month campaign. With results like this, there was no doubt that ThinkTANK had earned a reputation as a bold agency willing to take on new challenges.

And it was this project that led to Finning approaching ThinkTANK in late 2013 to take inspiration from this creative to design a full HR kit that includes a trifold brochure, and other related HR materials.