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SML Christian Academy (formerly St Matthews Lutheran Academy) was having an issue with enrolment. This is the longest standing school in Alberta at nearly 110 years old. They had fewer than 80 students enrolled in the 2013/14 school year which put their funding at risk. They needed to do something quickly so they could continue to operate.


Our first meeting with the school was in February 2014. It was revealed that there was a sense of exclusion stemming from the name St. Matthew’s Lutheran School resulting low enrolment numbers. The reality was that the school would accept students of any faith. So it was left to ThinkTANK to build a whole new brand for the school – SML Christian Academy became the new moniker. Yes, it stood for St Matthew’s Lutheran, but the bigger picture brought forth three words: Share, Mentor, Learn. These words were chosen to represent the school’s values and goals but had already been a part of the foundation for years.


The entire scope of work included developing a logo, designing new business cards and letterhead with the new brand, creating new signage for the school building and developing a new website that communicated the refreshed look of the new brand making it appeal to a wider audience.


After the launch of the new logo, identity system and website, the school experienced a surge in new admissions for the 2014/15 school year, bringing their enrolment to nearly 130. A successful and immediate rebrand.