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Our People Define Us

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SMS Equipment is a nationwide corporation dedicated to continuing improving delivery of their products and services to their customers in the heavy equipment industry.

They are leaders in the Construction, Mining, Forestry and Utility industries providing quality machinery and 24 hour servicing.

With the economy booming, SMS was faced with a labor shortage and needed to attract skilled employees in the welding and heavy-duty mechanic fields. They came to ThinkTANK Advertising & Design to develop a recruitment strategy that was more than just setting up a booth at local job fairs to attract potential employees


ThinkTANK Advertising needed to "think" of a creative campaign strategy that would be completely different from what their competitors were doing. We met the challenge head on by developing a campaign that was highly creative, interesting and innovative. A campaign that portrayed SMS as a company dedicated to helping potential employees build a valuable and rewarding career.

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ThinkTANK utilized a number of unique and different methods of delivering the recruitment message. After doing research to find out what the target audience’s interests and media habits were, a campaign strategy to attend trade/consumer shows & sporting events where the target audiences would most likely attend was developed.

ThinkTANK modified their "Mobile Showroom" to look like a real office and placed it at these events.

SMS human resource personnel were in attendance to conduct interviews in the Showroom and provide potential employees with collateral materials about the company, benefits, rewards and why people should work for SMS Equipment.

A substantial prize incentive was offered to participants who took advantage of the interview opportunity.

Events we attended were in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta and included venues such as the Grey Cup in Vancouver, Regina’s Agribition, Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose and various local rodeos.

In addition to the events, a highly creative and ingenious radio campaign ran in each of the markets 2 weeks prior to the event inviting potential employees to visit them and find out why they should come and work for SMS Equipment.


The brand recognition was raised for SMS Equipment in a very clever way and hundreds of skilled workers were recruited to work with SMS.