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The Future Of Outdoor Advertising (Digital Billboards)

Digital Billboards (Digital Outdoor Advertising) are computer-controlled electronic message centres with technology-based capabilities. Unlike traditional static billboards that constantly display one message, digital billboards cycle through multiple ads every minute. 

Through our digital billboard grid, we have the capacity to reach over 437,000 commuters per day. That’s over 12 million commuters in a four-week flight! Digital Billboards offer a number of unique features and advantages over traditional static billboards, including design and activation features.

What makes Digital Billboards unique?

Maximum advertising flexibility

A standard billboard limits you to a single creative for a minimum of four weeks. If you want to change it out after that time you have to add in additional production costs. Digital billboards allow ads to be dynamic, meaning you could run a different ad every minute if you wanted!


Time partitioning as simple as breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Want to run a breakfast special until 11am, and then switch to promoting your prime rib entre? It’s a piece of cake! Time partitioning is simple on a digital billboard, allowing you to easily switch up creatives throughout the day all on one advertising budget.

The best and highest traffic counts

It’s not cheap to erect a digital billboard structure, so companies pick their locations carefully. This is where you benefit! Digital billboards are placed on high-traffic arteries throughout the city ensuring that you get the best exposure to the most traffic. 

Dynamic ad campaigns in a flash

Change and display your ads daily, weekly, monthly, or even on the hour! It takes seconds to do and doesn’t cost you a cent in print and production costs.


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Why Digital Billboards?

Choosing to use digital billboards as a part of your advertising campaign takes advantage of your audience’s habit of channel surfing, flipping through a newspaper, or closing a pop up ad. Digital billboards grab attention from commuters while being dynamic enough to keep their interest and garner an impression.

5 Advantages To Using Digital Billboards (Features and Benefits)

  1. Massive Reach
    Digital Billboards provide broad coverage and massive reach to your target market. Located in high traffic areas and popular urban centres, we can place your billboard ads in appropriate locations to expose them to anyone heading to work, school, shop, or play. 

  2. Hit Your Target
    Not only can you reach a huge number of people through digital billboards, but they also allow for specific targeting. Select audiences based on locations, behaviours, income levels, age groups, and more and we can suggest the best billboard locations to reach them. 

  3. Advertising That's Always On
    24/7, 365 days a year your digital billboard ad is generating repeat exposure. Regardless of when it is, your ad is lit up, turned on, and reaching your audience over and over again. 

  4. Flexibility That Can't Be Beat
    Maybe you want different creatives for day and night. Maybe you want a new creative every month. Maybe you want creative that changes as your event sells tickets. No matter what you need, digital billboard creative can be easily changed at any time. No charges for extra printing, no being limited to one creative for four weeks at a time.
  5. Did Someone Say Affordable?
    Outdoor advertising has the lowest cost-per-thousand impressions of any media and digital billboards are no exception! Get long-lasting impressions and coverage, reach, and frequency that can’t be beat for a price that your marketing budget will love.

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ThinkTANK's Take

The outdoor advertising industry is like many others. The best rates, locations, and customer service go to the big businesses or companies with budgets capable of hiring large advertising agencies. As a result, small to midsized companies can end up paying more and getting less. ThinkTANK is a game-changing company, helping small to midsized businesses get the same benefits as the big players without having to bust their budgets.

When it comes to growing your business there is nothing more effective than outdoor advertising. In order to get effective outdoor advertising you need to have the right mix of distribution. The team at ThinkTANK specializes in outdoor advertising strategy. We utilize a mix of formats including static and mobile billboards in a select grid of locations to maximize impressions within the local marketplace. 

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