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Mobile billboards have key competitive advantages:

  • Mobile billboards can reach 3 times the audience of static billboards. The brain takes around 3-4 views to make an impression. To capitalize on this, our mobile billboards are moved every 3-4 days. 
  • Mobile billboards generate thousands of fresh impressions each campaigns. After seeing an advertisement in the same spot time and time again, the brain eventually filters it into the background. We combat this phenomena by moving our mobile billboards several times per week, adding more value than a typical static billboard could.
  • Our billboards are reusable and eco-friendly. Clients can run the same campaign year-after-year without having to print new creative, saving them time and money. 
  • Mobile billboards are dynamic and can be used to geographically target and time target specific key audiences. 
Shell 2015 1
Lawnmower Hospital Take Back Your Yard Weeds Advan
Shell Refining In Alberta Before Being Refined Was Cool Advan East View
Sobeys Lewis Estates Advan
Lawnmower Hospital Mow Like A Pro Advan
Trane Advan
Capital Airsoft Advan Anthony Henday North West
Universal Geomatics Solutions Your Office With A View Advan
Clearstream Recruitment Advan
Goauto Outlet Coffee Campaign Superadvan Promotions
Eds Gluten Free Advan
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Behaviour of Garnering an Impression (Using Outdoor Advertising Effectively)

There truly is a science behind outdoor advertising. Studies have revealed the habits of commuters and how they read and retain your message. Our advertising experts have taken this knowledge and applied it to ensure you get the best return from your mobile billboards.

We know that billboards usually take 3 to 4 views to garner an impression from any one commuter. At ThinkTANK we move our Mobile AdVans every 3 to 5 days, continually achieving new impressions and reinforcing old ones. Your audience does not stand still. They travel from one road to the next. When we move our AdVans we think about where your audience travels so that we can reinforce your message with those who have already seen it while still reaching new audiences. Finally, let’s consider the messaging. You only have about 6 seconds to catch someone’s attention with a billboard. It is crucial that you have a clear and concise message in order to effectively communicate with your audience.

ThinkTANK's team of advertising specialists can help you to utilize outdoor advertising to its full potential!

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9 Reasons Why Mobile Outdoor Advertising Works (Features and Benefits)

1. Almost 300 feet of effective advertising space: 

Each AdVan's billboard face measures 12' by 12', or 144 square feet per side, giving you almost 300 square feet of effective advertising (also available in 10' by 18').

2. High-resolution digital print: 

Our AdVans' billboard panels feature high-resolution, digitally produced graphics on a single sheet of highly durable flex-face vinyl, which resists fading and lasts approximately 2 years.

3. Reusable and interchangeable: 

Need to make changes to your ad’s print or text? If so, additional stickers (snipes), chloroplast, and other mediums can be applied or removed as necessary to make minor changes without replacing the entire banner.

4. Optional drive time and features:

Do you want to make your AdVan campaign even more effective? Ask about our drive time and experiential packages! For a nominal fee you can host promotions with your giant Mobile Billboard. Use it as a highly visible base for your mascot, as part of a handout, giveaway, or promotional product campaign, or even in a parade! The possibilities are endless.

5. Full service creative design:

No ad? No problem! We can work with your design team or use one of our designers, from creative services and ad preparation (if necessary), to full advertising concept creation, we are ready to get to work. There are no additional fees if your design is print ready. Please check the Billboard Specs page to find out if your ad meets our requirements.We also do custom campaigns, unique cut outs and advertising props.

6. Locations and distribution:

We utilize a grid of carefully selected, paid private locations and a group of public spots that garner the largest commuter traffic counts. We can target specific areas based on your needs and audience. We can also target specific events and locations.

7. Fresh Impressions Weekly:
Every 3 to 5 days, our mobile AdVans are moved throughout a circuit of locations where your audience is likely to travel. This means your campaign is making fresh impressions in the minds of your potential clients.

8. Carefully selected locations that are high visibilty:
As is the case with broad static billboard campaigns, you don't have to pay for hard to see locations in alleyways, behind trees, areas screened by series of poles and lines, or spots that are otherwise obscured.

9. No time to get comfortable and block out:
Given their elevation, static billboards often get tuned out, as commuters get accustomed to their physical location along their typical routes. Our mobile AdVan billboards are at eye level, in your face, unusually shaped and naturally catch one's attention.


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