Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Landing Pages

Thursday April 23, 2015

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Like any kind of advertising, there is a lot more to pay-per-click than simply running the ad. In addition to coming up with various keywords and strategies, you have to think beyond the ad to actually capturing and converting leads. 

A pay-per-click ad has to link somewhere on your website. Some people choose to link their ads to their home page. This is almost always a mistake. Home pages are general, "catch-all" pages. They do not have specific information about products or services. More importantly, they are not designed with lead capture in mind. If your potential customer wants to learn more or even inquire about a product, they have to navigate to another page. By making customers travel to another page, the risk of losing them along the way increases significantly.

With the homepage not being the answer, many then choose to link to the product or service-specific page on their website. While this is significantly better, it is still not the ideal situation. These pages are designed to inform customers, but not necessarily to capture leads. Once again, there is the risk of losing potential business by making them navigate to another page. 

The best solution is to create a landing page, a page that is only accessible by clicking on the PPC ad. These pages are designed specifically for capturing and converting leads. They feature prominent calls to action in addition to information specifically relevant to the ad itself. A well-formed landing page is crucial in order to ensure that clicks and money are not going to waste.

Ideally, there should be a unique landing page for every unique PPC ad. Content on the landing page should be relevant to the content of the ad that links to it. If it isn't, you run into the same issues you have when linking to a pre-existing page. This is also why you don't want to reuse landing pages across multiple ad campaigns. The more specific and relevant a landing page is, the more effective it will be in capturing and converting leads.