How Google AdWords is Ruining the Art of Advertising

Friday February 26, 2016

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I love analytics. I love knowing that what we are doing is working for the client and that there is an actual realized ROI to advertising. I think it’s great for our reputation as professionals. The science of advertising is precise and exact.

But find myself torn. I also love the art of writing and imagery, and marrying the two together to find a creative, fun and interesting way of communicating the benefits of purchasing this or using that service, instead of the other product or service.

I love the idea that what was communicated to them stuck with them over a matter of hours or days or weeks before they made a purchase which led to continued brand support.

This how I feel advertising can work or rather did work.

Now, with text PPC ads (whether Google AdWords or Bing text ads), we seem to be doing nothing more than simply appeasing someone’s need for instant gratification, which while it may solve their immediate need, it might not lead to any form of brand loyalty, instead encouraging the general population to simply go with the company who appears at the top of the sponsored ads on Google or Bing (does anyone use Bing?).

Perhaps the days of old advertising, of planting an idea in someone’s head to try something or purchase something or go somewhere, are gone. But it won’t stop me from waxing nostalgic for those days when the art of the ad mattered as much as the content.

If you are looking for an online strategy that marries the art and the science, ThinkTANK can certainly help you win the balance.