How To Work With An Agency

Thursday May 12, 2016

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Project by Project

We’ve done a lot of work for a lot of different clients from retail outlets like malls and car dealerships to B2B and recruitment marketing for roofers and heavy equipment companies.

Most of these clients work with us on an as-required basis because it makes sense for them to do so and it works for us too. Here are four ways you can make a project-by-project relationship work for you.

Establish & Meet Short Term Goals

Perhaps you don’t have a long term marketing strategy, you just know you want to accomplish something in particular. This type of relationship works well for recruitment advertising, event planning, selling tickets, media or public relations; anything that will bring an immediate bang without a long shelf life.

Keep Your Look Fresh

Bringing in some outside help once in a while helps keep your brand fresh. We are big believers in a second set of eyes to not only breath some fresh life to your brand messaging but also to ensure that ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s are crossed.

Use Your Limited Budget to its Fullest Potential

Don’t spend money where you don’t need to. If you know there’s going to be work for the agency in the future, but it might not be consistent work, its best to adopt a project-by-project relationship with your agency. That way when there’s work for the advertising agency, you’re spending the budget and probably spending it smartly. This will keep you from spending money each month if there’s not work to justify keeping a company on retainer.

Specific Projects within a Bigger Scope of Work

Say you have one or two specific projects within the bigger picture that are outside of your wheelhouse. An agency can bring the project(s) on-board, work with your marketing team and help bring the overall project to its completion. This could include anything from branding design and rationale to media buying or signage solutions to brochure design.

If you have any marketing that has a relatively short shelf life or is just too much work for your internal team, consider bringing in an independent like ThinkTANK to liven things up a bit.