Who Doesn't Love Pizza?

Wednesday February 22, 2017

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Coming up with new and exciting marketing ideas that will immediately catch the eye of your target audience can be challenging! Domino's has nailed their latest campaign targeting new couples who are just too burnt out from wedding planning to cook.

Introducing a great new marketing tactic by Domino's Pizza, they are now offering a "Domino's Wedding Registry" for couples who prefer
delicious melty cheese to crystal gravy boats.

Loved ones can now purchase a themed eGift card for their favourite newlyweds at See a couple favourite "Gifts" below. 


Forget Netflix and Chill.
How can you worry about cooking when you're searching for that
perfect throw back photo!

Make Coming Back from The Honeymoon suck just a little bit less.
Salads available to keep that beach bod!

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