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Creating an effective Google AdWords campaign is part science and part art form. We conduct market and keyword research, implement a strategy, and optimize the campaign over time based on real hard data and facts. This allows us to make logical decisions to improve and grow the campaign. 

The Paid Advertising Platform is known by a variety of names including but not limited to Pay Per Click, Search Advertising, and AdWords. ThinkTANK likes to create a customized approach to paid advertising that is unique for every client. It all starts with your website. A campaign can’t be successful without a proper landing page to capture incoming traffic. Next, we carefully craft ads related to the keywords on your landing page to simultaneously inform and intrigue your target audience. To trigger these ads, we conduct keyword research to determine the most relevant and highest searched terms. By linking your ads to these terms we draw more traffic to your website and provide you with the highest possible ROI.  Our team utilizes Google's own keyword research too to ensure that we have the most accurate and up-to-date keywords for your campaign. 

Our Google-certified Digital Marketing Specialists are devoted to creating compelling, high-ranking ads to attract your target audience and drive website conversions. With a focus on analyzing and optimizing not only your ads but also your landing pages, our team strives to get you the highest return possible!


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Search Advertising Google

Search Advertising

Google Search Advertising is one of the most unique and perhaps one of the most effective ways of marketing your business. Other advertising mediums such as newspaper, television and billboards are “push” media, meaning that they present an ad and hope that a percentage of the audience, or “impressions” converts.  

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is the opposite. Every person who sees your ad does so because they have a specific need or want. This is know as “pull” media, meaning that you are only being placed in front of your target audience when they have a need or want that you can satisfy. This fundamental different is huge! It’s why Google AdWords is one of the fastest growing mediums in the advertising industry today!


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Google Display Advertising

Display Advertising 

The best way to think of Display Advertising is as if it’s a billboard on a website. Display Advertising has some huge advantages over a traditional billboard, mainly in that the ads are incredibly targeted.  You can choose the websites your ad appears on, either specifically or based on a site’s content or topics and eliminate sites that don’t align with your business’ image or objectives. Finally, you can target audiences through specific demographics such as age, gender, and geographic location so that you are only reaching the most relevant people. 

Remarketing Advertising

Typically a website has a conversion rate of 2%. What are you doing about the other 98% of leads?

The sales cycle doesn’t have to end if someone leaves your site without converting. Remarketing allows you to track previous website visitors who did not fulfill a goal and strategically draw them back to your website with targeted ads. You have the opportunity to create ads specifically for remarketing campaigns, enticing them to return to your site through offers or incentives. Remarketing puts your brand front and centre so that when potential customers are ready to take the next step, your business is right in front of them.

Grow Your Reach

Wherever your audience goes, we can follow. Whether it’s on Facebook, Google, YouTube or Gmail, we can connect with people who are highly likely to be your ideal customers.

Remarketing Expertise

With dozens of clients and a daily ad spend of thousands of dollars we have accumulated the data and expertise needed to create an effective remarketing campaign for your business.

The Marketing Funnel That Never Sleeps

Why not try warming multiple audiences at once? Whether you're selling something or trying to drive branding, Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audiences.

Flexible Segmentation

With heavy data from Google Analytics behind you, we can help create highly targeted ads to reach your target audience right when they are ready to convert.

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Video Advertising Google

YouTube Advertising 

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine, offering huge potential to reach your target audience in a new, creative way. YouTube Video Advertising offers TV-like reach with one major difference: it’s highly targeted. This makes YouTube significantly more effective than traditional media sources. Your ads will appear only to the audience you want to see it, taking into account factors such as age, gender, interests, and previously viewed videos.

Monthly Campaign Monitoring, Optimization, and Reporting

Setting up the campaign is only a small portion of the work. Once the campaign goes live, the battle to remain effective and relevant begins. Our team does weekly campaign monitoring and optimization to improve your campaign’s performance and discover opportunities to expand your reach. Ultimately, we strive to provide maximum value for your budget. Every month you will receive a report to show your campaign’s progress over time.


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Gmail Advertising puts your ad right into your target audience’s inbox. Much like Display Advertising, Gmail ads are triggered by the content in someone’s inbox. This means that you can target audiences based on factor such as interests, topics, location, age, and gender. Think of it as a new age of mailbox flyers where you only hit the households that are likely to use your products or services.  

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