Social Media Advertising


Social Media Advertising can be broken into two distinct areas:

Do You Need Results Now, or a Long-term Plan?

Social media is one of the fastest growing online advertising mediums. You can reach new audiences like never before through sponsored links, display advertising, and other social channels. Let ThinkTANK help you take full advantage with our Social Media Management plans. 

Results Now - Paid Social Media Marketing

ThinkTANK helps clients with strategies for Social Media Advertising on channels such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Leverage the data and growth of social media engagement to reach target audiences like never before. We all know it but try not to think about it. Some of the largest players in social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) are all offering advertising channels. What makes these channels incredibly relevant to advertisers is the amount of specific data that is available to them.

Due to the amount of information that social media sites collect, advertisers can target their ideal audiences in ways that they had only dreamed of. Not only can advertisers target based on basic information such as age, gender, interest, and occupation, but they can also target individuals based on life events such as career changes, engagements, moving locations, or having a new baby. Using all these layers of very precise filtering allows you to reach your audience on a far more granular level.


Long Term Social Marketing and Posting

ThinkTANK helps clients by offering monthly plans to help generate content, and facilitate strategic interest building and social validation through regular posting on some of the following social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Engaging your audience on social media is much more than making posts once or twice a week. In order to truly reach out to your target audience you need to create relevant, interesting content.

There is a great deal of strategy that goes into building and engaging with an audience through social media posting. Every post that is made needs to capture people's attention, encourage a conversation, and have potential to go viral, whether it’s something funny or something so amazing that it just needs to be shared.


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