Content Management System

Content Management Systems 

ThinkTANK’s philosophy towards website development is to give the client as much control as possible by giving them access, support, and training on how their Content Management System (CMS) works. We empower our customers to be involved in their content if they choose to be.

Typically most content management systems are a portal that allows the website owner to manipulate their site by adding pages, changing content, or uploading pictures.

ThinkTANK’s advantage is that our typical CMS system is all about the user. Typically, the website owner can virtually do anything they need to on their site after an hour or two of training. Our painless, easy-to-use system has a dashboard that resembles a simple Word document that allows you to create pages and add photos in seconds, all without the risk or breaking anything.

  • You do not need a graphic designer to upload and crop pictures, use our simple drag and drop utility
  • Site is easy to update, so it stays current
  • Easy to use interface saves you time and money by not needing a website designer or developer for changes
  • Because it’s easy you will likely add updated fresh content which helps with google rankings
  • Use our help when you need it, if you need it
  • No more confusing systems and workarounds, just right click create, add some text, and you can have pages up in minutes


Umbraco CMS

Not All (CMS) Content Management Systems are Created Equal

We hear it all the time, inexpensive websites that offer back end access and you’re good to go! It sounds easy, but that’s where it all stops. Suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the options for what you can do. To add a page or upload a picture is a complicated and often convoluted process. Even just to orient yourself as to where everything is can take hours of time, even if all you want to do is change the font or text colour.

ThinkTANK has a solution. Our easy-to-use CMS system can be learned within an hour. We can even set it up to limit the number of options you see based on your day-to-day or weekly needs so you only see the tools that are relevant to you. The UMBRACO CMS is designed to look and feel very much like a Word document so that there’s no guesswork. The tools have a look and feel very much like what you’d be accustomed to.

Want to check it out under the hood? Contact us today to book a free one-on-one session. You’ll never look back! 



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