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For as little as your daily coffee addiction.

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Go Auto Outlet is the used vehicle division of the Go Auto family in Edmonton, AB. While Go Auto is a conglomerate of different brands selling new and used vehicles. The Outlet handles only used vehicles acting as a wholesale warehouse for the rest of the Go Auto family.


ThinkTANK Advertising & Design Inc was tasked with increasing Go Auto Outlet's brand awareness as something distinct from Go Auto, while not abandoning the obvious advantage of being affiliated with the strong existing marketing of the larger group. Because their target market is looking for vehicles on a budget of less than $10,000, the marketing of the larger group - which focuses primarily specific new brands - does not register with Outlet’s target demographic.


Goauto Outlet Coffee Campaign Promotions Events

A multi-layered approach with singular messaging was brought forward. We employed several mediums including our own outdoor, ETS transit posters, and an experiential campaign. Each element was designed to work with the other elements.

The overall strategy was to communicate an easy to read graphic that communicated everything we needed to say. The message was simple, “For the cost of your daily coffee run, you could own a vehicle” from the Outlet. This message was communicated on all related pieces, including the handout for the experiential campaign.

The street team was comprised of between 2 to 4 people and was dispatched once a week to a Tim Horton’s locations in the west end of Edmonton relatively close to the Outlet’s location. The street team identified vehicles in the drive-thru that appeared to be in need of replacement. The street team then distributed the hand out with a complimentary Tim Horton’s gift card valued at $2 (enough to purchase a coffee of their choice) and “set them on their way to saving money for a new used vehicle from the Outlet. The handout also had a text-to-win component, which provided the targeted audience with an opportunity to win an iPad and the dealership corresponded with all of the respondents from the texting campaign.


The result of this campaign was: a) an increase awareness of the Go Auto brand; b) a significant increase in the amount of sales being generated out of Go Auto Outlet, and; c) a continuation of the campaign to further increase the saturation of the Outlet brand.

The campaign as a complete success.

"We have achieved a significant lift in sales as a direct result of the strategy that ThinkTANK put together for us. We love the fact that we have had mesaureable results with this campaign and we have committed to extending it due to its success."
John Kalogeras