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Sherwood Park is an affluent community just a few minutes east of Edmonton. The mall however has struggled in recent years to remain relevant. They’ve found themselves competing for business with Southgate and Kingsway, as well areas such as South Edmonton Common, and similar “common areas” being planned and developed in Sherwood Park.


In late fall 2014, ThinkTANK was contacted by Sherwood Park Mall and began helping them plan, coordinate and promote their monthly promotions. Beginning with a Black Friday promotion in November 2015.

Since then, ThinkTANK has been working continually with Sherwood Park Mall to increase their traffic in the mall and on social media using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. By helping them focus their efforts and develop their brand, they’ve been able to increase foot traffic through the mall on the average day, and increase the reach and impact of their regular social media.

In these regards, the campaigns we’ve helped coordinate have been a great success.

We’ve helped them evolve their branding to appeal to a greater audience including developing a series of posters and tagline designed to be in all aspects of their advertsing. While this branding effort has been in a work in progress, it certainly has provided more focus and consistency within their messaging.